The Wild Goose Grill offers classic bistro food in stylish and comfortable surroundings. The wine list is comprehensive with nearly three hundred bottles to choose from. The Wild Goose Grill takes its name from the Wild Geese, those successive waves of Irishmen who left their country to serve in the armies of continental Europe during the 16th, 17th & 18th Centuries. The Wild Geese scattered far and wide, distinguishing themselves on battlefields from France & Spain to South America. To this day, you can see their legacy in the proud Irish names written on street signs from Madrid to Buenos Aires. But the Wild Geese also left another legacy in their adopted lands, a legacy that bears fruit to this day. From the great vineyards of Bordeaux to the wineries of the new world, the Irish have become famous for making good wine. Many of the wines they produce are now world renowned brands, with names like Lynch and Barton synonymous with excellence.